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helping break the stigma of mental health

Guild Health Group is a Public Health and healthcare consulting firm, that focuses on mitigating and serving emergent needs to improve health outcomes throughout all communities; with that in mind, we're rolling up our sleeves to support our mental health partners and communities by spreading awareness and sharing our courage and experiences that have help us live a healthier life. Sharing our successes and triumphs in accessing mental health services can empower others to seek proper care, get connected, and encourage someone else.
Keeping quiet about how so many have benefited from great care, only fuels the stigma. Talk of Mind (ToM) is an initiative geared towards finding ways to talk about mental health and its benefits. The stigma surrounding mental health separates us from an important part of managing our complete health. The effects of which, impact our economy, families, communities, relationships, and most importantly our own life. 

Join us as we promote and celebrate our mental health in a way that allows others to feel empowered to access mental health services by keeping it #talkofmind!
Share the hashtag #talkofmind and break down the stigma around mental health and mental health services.  

Get your badges today!

In an effort to support mental health and create more open dialogues around our mental health, we are partnering with local mental health professionals to create #talkofmind Mental Health Awareness badges! 

We are committed to helping communities, and will donate 7% of all proceeds to local behavioral health and mental health facilities negatively impacted by COVID-19.

Support us as we support them!

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