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Guild Consulting

Addressing health at all levels

Guild Consulting is a health consulting firm that focuses on comprehensive approaches to improving health in communities and individuals alike. Using strategies that look at multiple facets of health, and engagement points, Guild Consulting is positioned to create lasting change and build relationships that foster outcomes. 

Guild Consulting works with communities across Arizona with Emergency Preparedness, community health planning and community health education. 

Let's do health together. 

Guild Consulting Services

What we do.

Guild Consulting is a public health contractor with expertise in: 

  • Community Education

  • Professional Facilitation Services

  • Program Design and Implementation

  • Workforce Development

  • Public Health Emergency Preparedness

  • Leadership Development

  • Diversity and Inclusion Consulting


Community health

Engage your population with purpose

What often drives poor health outcomes stems from factors outside of our purview. Understanding community need, barriers, focus and capacity are critical for creating space for measurable change. This coupled with help from the community aids in the lasting positive outcomes that redefine, innovate and inspire healthy communities.

Introductory Consultation

Inquire. Develop. Achieve.

Guild Consulting's four faced shield represents the areas we look at and believe provide the building blocks to understand communities.

These areas are: 

  • 8 dimensions of health

  • Hierarchy of Needs

  • Readiness assessment

  • PSE models/Social determinant of Health evaluations

These provide a clear picture into what needs are urgent, realistic and measurable. By providing reporting based on these assessments, Guild Consulting can provide insight into the how and what to your why around community health. 

Guild Consulting also offers, personal wellness assessments and activity plans for individuals looking to be their healthiest. 

Business Meeting

Contact Us

(480) 721-3855

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